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IPTV Challenge 2011 winner with “7 Days Gallery” for art and culture.
Debut Contemporary, London, 2013;
Amazing Radio, London, Nov 2012 - 2014: With Roses;
Shoreditch Radio, London, December 2012: Endurance;
WRS, Geneva, summer 2012: K-N-O-W;
American Airlines, The Paste Beat channel, Sonicbids selection, all September 2008: In The Flesh;
Airplay and interview on art radio “transmitter head” in Miami in November 2005: Multiple songs and conversation; 2005 Pop Finalist;
Midem 2005, 1 of 2 artists selected internationally to perform for Nokia.


Protagonist: I'm your ideal: ATTRACTIVE FEMALE TECHIE ACTION HERO that is an engineer and martial artist in real life; caucasian actress for a full-on kungfu movie; university professor; passionate lover; tragic anti-hero; mad scientist; aristocratic period film protagonist; peasant leader; mid-level nun; esper; killbot; supersoldier; dancer, singer, martial artist or painter; conanesque character; apparition/spirit; compassionate fairy.

From Geneva, currently in Zurich. Languages: to the exception of some extreme cases, you name it, I do it. Goal: direct/act for third party projects as well as in projects based on own completed scripts (Trained in screenwriting at NFTS near London. With a background in (management and) engineering - incl. robotics - and martial arts, I tend to write scifi and action. Also a scifi author using a pen name.). Meanwhile, as a musician with recent airplays internationally, provide soundtrack for relevant projects.

As director:
Directed fiction and experimental pieces in German as well as English, and a documentary-style interview. With a background in visual arts, my fiction work is mostly described as delivering a certain "mood". As a singer/songwriter/music producer, skills to make the music/soundtrack, which simplifies the process.

As actor: method-trained at ZES Zurich, and trained with Richard Scanlon in NYC:
With a background of stage shows mainly as singer, dancer, pantomime and martial artist, started performing on-camera through the own moving images as part of visual arts works. Later worked as voice-over artist including synch work, performed in fiction pieces in France, London and Zurich.


Winterthur 2014 als Filmemacherin

Kino & TV: 

1/2015 - 2/2015 Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Interview
Regisseur Alève Mine
1/2015 This City
A short, in collaboration with Gordon Bell and Thomas Kunz
Protagonist, Writer, Director, Sound off location, Editor
12/2014 (eine Szene aus) Gebrochen
in collaboration with writer Tina Hofmann
Regisseur (self)
11/2014 Heimatland
Contrast Film
Spezialkomparse Lisa Blatter & Mike Scheiwiller
12/2013 - 1/2014 The Offering (draft excerpt)
Non-Multiplex Cinema Ltd Woman
Gastrolle Julian Bushell
11/2013 - 1/2014 The Offering (draft excerpt)
Non-Multiplex Cinema Ltd
Sonstiges Julian Bushell
1/2010 - 1/2013 [Location test]
Claude Mangold
Sonstiges Claude Mangold


8/2014 (various)
Jingle Jungle Zürich
1/2002 - 12/2003 Le Canapé Rouge (promotional song: translation and recording)
Land Intertainment GmbH
Sonstiges N/R


1/2010 - 6/2012 Dieter Meier presents Alève Mine: completed stage videos, soundtracks and mixed media performances, to be produced by Dieter Meier of Yello,frozen project
N/R Alève Mine
Hauptdarsteller Self
1/1994 [Unnamed]
self [self]
Hauptdarsteller Self
1/1985 Die Puppenfee
Geneviève Chaussat Der Puppenhaendler
Hauptdarsteller Geneviève Chaussat
1/1985 [Multiple]
Geneviève Chaussat [various and unnamed]
Ensemblemitglied Geneviève Chaussat